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Living on Purpose - Overview of the Whole Life Faith Mission Statement Writing Workshop

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  • Author: Cheryl Mathison is the Teaching Pastor at St. Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church.
  • Updated: 12/27/2008
  • Copyright: St. Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church, 17205 County Road 6, Plymouth, MN  55447 - 763-475-7128

The participants are informed of the purpose, commitments, steps and opportunities that will be available to encourage and support them as seek to write a personal mission statement.

Living on Purpose - Overview of the Whole Life Faith Mission Statement Writing Workshop

Purpose of this session

1. Offer a working definition of a Whole Life Faith Mission Statement (WLFMS).
2. Create an awareness of the importance and value of a WLFMS for your life.
3. Provide information and support for you to write your own WLFMS.
4. Offer opportunities and resources for ongoing support.

Mutual Commitments

1. All sessions will ensure a safe environment where each individual is given the opportunity to explore and learn at their own pace and in their own way.  This is a personal journey for each person.  Listen to each other with a focus on respect, understanding, and learning.

2. Time is not a factor.  Resources are available to meet your individual need for support, contemplation, learning, and decision-making.
  a. We are a faith/learning community.

3. Your own way
  a. The end result of each person's journey will be individual and sufficient for them.
     i. Your own time
     ii. Your own commitment
     iii. Your own results
  b. There is a benefit to our common awareness that we are each imperfect beings.  Perfection will not be expected and should not be aspired to.  If God doesn't mind our imperfections, we don't need to worry about them either.
  c. In our faithful community, we are enriched by the experience of others.
  d. We will support each other through the "struggles" and cheer the large and small "aha's".

4. This is a prayerful process -- a partnership of you and the Holy Spirit.

Five Steps To Create A Whole Life Faith Mission Statement

1. Audit your Current Reality

2. Listen to God's Voice

3. Explore New Possibilities

4. Integrate steps 1-3 and begin to recognize themes

5. Write your WLFMS

Ongoing Opportunities And Resources

1.  Attend Refining Sessions: These informal sessions are intended to provide you with a time and a place to continue the work on your WLFMS begun in the workshop.  You will join others who are also continuing the process and may find great benefit in sharing with others.
  a. Complete exercises from WLFMS Writing Workshop as needed
  b. Revise your WLFMS where necessary
  c. Live in and with your WLFMS
  d. Explore the ways in which your life could or will be changed by your WLFMS
  e. Commit to living your WLFMS
  f. Come as often as you like

2. Participate in Implementation/Accountability groups
  a. Share what you are learning and experiencing
  b. Create and commit to goals and actions to live out your WLFMS
  c. Gain support as you live with a WLFMS

3. Attend the Listening for God Retreat January 6-7 2006
  a. Begin the new year with 24 hours of quiet listening
  b. Devote time and space to work through Step Two
  c. Leave with a clear sense of how God has been speaking to you

4. Come to the Celebration Dinner January 2006
  a. Enjoy a good meal with faithful friends
  b. Hear from others how their WLFMS has impacted their lives
  c. Be encouraged in your ongoing journey

5. Participate in the Lenten Bible Study Fully Devoted
  a. Discover how doing everything in Jesus' name can lead to a life of transformation
  b. Define spiritual life and then learn to live it as Jesus would

6. Make use of the materials in the Resource section of this packet

For More Information
You might these books helpful for continuing study and reflection.

The Path, Laurie Beth Jones, Hyperion Books
Life Keys, Jane Kise and David Stark, Bethany House Publishers
Life Directions, Jane Kise and David Stark, Bethany House Publishers

The congregation has made available an extensive number of resources.      You can access these resources by clicking on the following:  [Living On Purpose - Index]

The Workshop Workbook
To obtain a copy of the workbook or to inquire further about the program, email Pastor Mathison by clicking on  [Whole Life Faith Mission Writing Workshop.]

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