Stewardship Resource [Speaking of Faith: Money/Moral Balance]

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  • Updated: 02/20/2007

Click on the link above to hear Nathan Dungan, president and founder of Share-Save-Spend񕄠, on National Public Radio's "Speaking of Faith" discussing money and moral balance. Below are links to other related resources.


"Money-Smart Kids" Column
Janet Bodnar of Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine writes a helpful weekly online column that answers questions parents and children have about money. The column is incisive, conversational and, best of all, it's easy to understand. Bodnar is a mother of three children, after all. A two-part entry relevant to this program and well worth reading: "Teaching Kids the Value of Giving" and  ["The Value of Giving, Part II."]

Share Save Spend
Nathan Dungan's organization dedicated to helping people of all ages develop and maintain healthy financial habits. The site features Share-Save-Spend񕄠 Financial Sanity resources is to help youth and adults understand the relationship between money, values, and habits in today's hyper-consumer culture.

Economic Snapshot for November 2006
The Center for American Progress issues a monthly snapshot of trends in the American economy. November's snapshot shows continued increases in family debt and decreases in personal savings.

Socially Responsible Investing
This site from Raymond James Financial and the Pinch Group offers concise descriptions of the global history of socially-responsible investing, approaches to it and current debates about the practice.

Bankrupt: Maxed Out in America
The American RadioWorks documentary examines what's fueling the bankruptcy boom in the United States.

Choose to Save
This public education program has over 100 online financial calculators for a wide array of financial planning issues, including credit, home mortgage and budgeting.

It All Adds Up
This interactive online program includes games and simulations to help teen-agers learn about financial management.

Jump$tart is dedicated to teaching young adults the fundamentals of financial literacy.

Don't Buy It: Get Media Smart!
Don't Buy It: Get Media Smart! is a media literacy Web site for young people that encourages users to think critically about media and become smart consumers.

National Institute on Media and the Family
The National Institute on Media and the Family, an education and advocacy organization, provides information on the impact of media on children and families.

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