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Opportunities to Exercise the Habit of Saving

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  • Updated: 02/27/2013

Nathan Dungan encourages a discipline whereby people share 10%, save 10% and wisely spend 80%.

On his web site, Share - Save - Spend he provides links to various sources that assist people in carrying out this discipline.

Below are links that relate particularly to the discipline of "saving."

Choose to Save
This public education program has over 100 online financial calculators for a wide array of financial planning issues, including credit, home mortgage and budgeting.

How to Teach Small Children to Save and Invest
When it comes to teaching children about money, you should get them involved early ࣔ�ټ as young as 7 or 8 years of age. Have them help with the bill paying. Expose them to preparing your tax return. And, if you have the money, set up a brokerage account for them. Let them pick a stock or two.

Welcome to Planet Orange!
We think the key to a sound financial future is starting early. We know it's hard to get excited about financial planning, so we've developed this friendly web site with the help of Lightbulb Press to provide a simple and fun way for kids to learn about the importance of saving.

Throughout your stay on Planet Orange, you will be able to tackle topics that range from the value of money, to setting a budget, understanding credit, and building savings goals for the future. Using an interactive map along with the help of our tour guides, Amy and Cedric, you will soon be on your way to Moneyland, South Spending, the Republic of Savings, and Investor Islands.
Have fun and happy travels!

The High School Financial Planning Program
The NEFE High School Financial Planning Programޔی (HSFPP) was initiated in 1984 as a public service to increase the financial literacy of America 's youth. The six-unit program provides teens with a greater understanding of and ability to manage their personal finances in the areas of goal setting, budgeting, and saving. The program uses unique games, simulations, case studies, and interactive exercises to provide hands-on experience for students to test and apply the financial principles and concepts being taught.

There are three main purposes of the program:
ࣔ�ٔTo learn the financial planning process - what it is and what it can do for students
ࣔ�ٔTo give students the opportunity to apply the process through stimulating exercises and assignments provided in the program
ࣔ�ٔTo take control of their finances - beginning now

Ways to Save by Readers Digest.

Get priceless tips on how to save money when buying gas, food and more. Buying guides are included.

IRA Retirement Calculator/ by Turbo Tax

Figure out how much you should contribute to your IRA Retirement Account so that you get the biggest bang for your buck.

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