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Students sitting outside Bockman

Story Magazine

Fourth Quarter 2004

Luther's D.Min. Program in Biblical Preaching

"I love to preach. I couldn't not preach. It's what God made me to do," says Christopher Smith, '93, pastor at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, Apple Valley, Minn. Smith is also enrolled in Luther Seminary's Doctor of Ministry program in biblical preaching.

Why study something you already love and are good at? "I have a philosophy of operating, which is a healthy level of dissatisfaction. I know I'm a good preacher, but I could be better," he explains. "For the sake of the mission which I have bound myself to, I want to be a better preacher."

Smith chose Luther's D.Min. program because "I think this is a very structured, disciplined, goal-oriented way to [become a better preacher]," he says. It's also a way for Smith and other D.Min. students to stay in their ministry throughout their studies.

Luther Seminary's Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Preaching is a three-year program created to give pastors of many Christian traditions the inspiration, biblical knowledge and skills needed to present consistently thoughtful, dynamic and scripture-based sermons that bring the bibilical stories to life. Pastors remain in their congregation while learning with peers in a class/cohort. Courses are taught through independent, contextually based study, and three-week summer residencies.

Interested in hearing from more students about the D.Min. in biblical preaching? Watch video clips of students at Click on "Biblical Preaching."