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Students sitting outside Bockman

Story Magazine

First Quarter 2005

David Tiede: Teacher

Lunch with students, 1998

If you went to one of his past students you would hear that he was a very fine professor. He could make people excited about the New Testament. They found his classes very stimulating. He really missed teaching, and the direct contact with the students. I am hoping that in his retirement he will do a little more of that again. He was always really excited when a congregation would ask him to come and teach their Sunday School class.

Kathryn Tiede-Hottinger, daughter, ELCA pastor serving as rector of Saint Francis Episcopal Church of Greenville, S.C.

I remember him as a young New Testament professor.We both came to the faculty in the early '70s. He was serving a parish at the same time those first few years and was very well liked by the students. He had tenure before anyone else from our class did...David is a Luke scholar, and he was quite unflappable when he was a professor. One of the profs called him Cool Hand Luke. We thought it just about suited him.

Marc Kolden, professor of systematic theology, academic dean 1996-2003, Luther Seminary classmate of David Tiede

I was a colleague with him on the faculty for about 20 years. There were two times that I know of that other schools tried to get him away from us, and I told him, "Nothing doing. We have other plans for you here."

Olaf Storsaali, professor emeritus of New Testament

One word comes to mind and that is grace. He manifests the meaning of that word in his life and teaching. He has the gift of "creating space" for his students and associates where mental and spiritual development can take place. His is always an affirming presence that promotes growth and faith in those of us who are privileged to know him and to sit in his classes.

Clifford Swanson, retired campus pastor, St. Olaf College

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