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Spring/Summer 2010

International students hand-pick theological books for their home countries

by Laura Kaslow, Communication Specialist

Ph.D. student Sekenwa Briska knows firsthand the need for good theological books.

A native of Nigeria, Briska began his studies at Luther in 2003. Soon after his classes started, he started working for the Lutheran International Library Assistance Project (LILAP), which sends theological books to libraries in developing countries. Students who are completing their biblical studies in developing countries often have limited access to theological books like the ones LILAP provides.

"This is important to me for many reasons," says Briska. "These books mean teachers are well-equipped and students will get quality teaching."

LILAP coordinator Marianna Forde says each year several international students will hand-pick theological books to send back to their home countries. Since beginning his work with LILAP, Briska has personally sent 7,000 books to more than a dozen Bible schools and seminaries in Nigeria. He's also helped other international students send books to their home countries through LILAP.

"People are hungry for books," says Briska. "The importance of these books is beyond what we can imagine here."

Those who wish to donate books can learn more at Due to increased shipping costs, an additional donation of 25 cents per book is kindly requested.

If you otherwise wish to support the ministry of LILAP, consider a gift to the Global Mission Institute, a major supporter of LILAP. Learn more at

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