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Story Magazine

Third Quarter 2002

The Incredible Power of Mentoring

Mentoring may not give a person super-human powers, but its influence can unleash a person's potential to use his or her gifts in ways never before imagined.

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Brothers in Christ: mentoring and friendship combine for pastor and lay leader

The adage may be "Who's on first?" but at Bethesda Evangelical Lutheran Church in Carlton, Minn., the more accurate question may be, "Who's mentoring who?"

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Three mentor stories

Joshua Fite, Amy Fondroy Eich and Mary Hinkle share their mentor stories.

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Clergy coaching helps strengthen ministries and uncover dreams

John Martinson (M.Div. '70, D.Min. '83) sees the difficult side of ministry in his line of work. As supervisor of Ministerial Health for Fairview Hospitals in the Twin Cities, he often works with pastors who are at the end of their rope, who feel broken and isolated. What is frustrating for Martinson is that, according to him, many of the pitfalls into which these good people fall could have been avoided if they had been well-supported along the way by mentors who were there to listen, to help talk out problems and re-direct energies.

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Commencement 2002

A special moment happened just prior to Luther Seminary's 133rd commencement Sunday, May 26, at Central Lutheran Church in Minneapolis. It was one among many such moments, yet this one was years in the making.

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Ministry in Context: Distance Learning

Learning about contextual leadership through internship sites.  
The third in a series of three articles.

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A Teacher's Legacy

Minerva B. Olson found the perfect way to combine her love of education with her love of the church.

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Philip T. and Myrtle E. Johnson establish charitable lead trust

Learn how you can, too!

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