Story Magazine - First Quarter, 2005

With Gratitude and Confidence: The David L. Tiede presidency, 1987-2005

David Tiede loves this place. He loves that it is biblical, confessional and missional---a conduit for the Holy Spirit to call and send leaders throughout the world.

David Tiede: Teacher

It's been a privilege to teach Luther students. I felt welcomed as their teacher. I now have friends all over the world.

David Tiede: Leader

My time was about turning the seminary toward the world--or creating
leaders that turn congregations toward the world. That's important. And always to keep the seminary and my leadership accountable to Scripture

David Tiede: Pastor

I now know in many ways that being a president is more like being a pastor than being a professor. Like a pastor you are invited into the sacred ground of people's lives, deep hopes and yearnings.

David Tiede: Fundraiser

The donors taught me. God was in their lives way before I showed up.

David Tiede: Churchwide and Community Leader

David Tiede has a large vision of theological education, larger than any one theological school.

David Tiede: Colleague and Friend

"Luther's great secret weapon has always been its faculty. God has continued to bless and sustain us in amazing ways. This is a place where all gifts are needed. There is a variety of people, but with a single focus: equipping people to lead in a time of mission."

David Tiede: Family Man

I hope the kind of church my grandchildren will have will be a lively place where there is a sense of joy for life and hope for everlasting life is deeply nurtured and confident.

The Seedbed: Generosity, a Joyful Surprise

...the Apostle Paul expressed thankfulness to God for them and confidence that "the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion by the day of Jesus Christ." (Phil. 1.3-6)

Tiede Receives Joseph A. Sittler Award for Theological Leadership

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