Story Magazine - Second Quarter, 2008

Notes from the Mission Field – Luther Seminary: Training Missionaries for Ministry in North America

Pastors are being trained today much like missionaries were trained 30 years ago. This is a good development!

China Service Ventures

In only seven years, what started as a series of gatherings around a dining-room table in St. Paul has grown into a nationwide effort that's changing lives in China.

Alum-in-Residence Steve Holm is Focused on Mission

Luther Seminary students often hear about God's mission in the world and how churches can become part of that mission, but it isn't every day that they hear from pastors about how exactly such missional activity takes place.

Q&A with Charles Amjad-Ali, Martin Luther King, Jr. Professor for Justice and Christian Community

The door to Charles Amjad-Ali's office says a lot about the man inside. Posted on the wood is a brightly-colored card claiming, "All Shall Enjoy Equal Human Rights."

International Students Trained to Lead Their Home Churches

Whether they are leading colleges, seminary students or congregations, Luther's international alumni/ae fulfill the ELCA's objective of "mission through leadership development." Current students from abroad aspire to similar careers in their home countries.

International Students Teach Others While Learning

Including voices from around the globe brings great depth to classroom discussions for Luther students and faculty alike.

LILAP Gives Words to the World

For Luther Seminary students, finding a well-stocked theological library is as simple as a walk to Gullixson Hall. But there are many places in the world where higher education institutions do not have access to theological books.

Luther Alums Put Their Training to Work Leading Seminaries in Africa

When Cyril Fayose was a student at Trinity Theological Seminary in Legon, Ghana, he lived in a dorm room by himself. Twenty years later, with Fayose now serving as seminary president, three or four students share a room.

Vanessa Bradby Gives New Meaning to International Student

Vanessa Bradby gives the term "international student" a whole new meaning. Bradby is originally from Massachusetts--she just happens to be conducting her studies in Pakistan.

Arthur Vining Davis Grant Aids Learning Assessment

At Luther Seminary we have a lot to teach and a lot to learn.

Paul Berge Helps Slovakians Grow in Faith and Education

What does it take to make a miracle?

Meet Luther Seminary’s Newest Faculty Members

Former Colleagues Remember John Victor Halvorson

For 21 years, John Victor Halvorson faithfully served on the faculty of Luther Seminary.

Alum Spotlight: Rev. Alem Asmelash

Born in Ethiopia, Rev. Alemseged (Alem) Asmelash (formerly Hagos) immigrated with his family to Sweden, where he earned his bachelor of divinity degree.

Fellowships Recognize Innovation in Ministry

Schiotz Scholar Specializes in Cross-Cultural Studies