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Second Quarter 2003

The Death of Innocence

President Tiede explores Luke's account of Jesus' execution and the conquest of Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

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Faith in a Time of War

Lutherans respond to the war with faithful voices.

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Focusing on Leadership

Visits to congregations culminate in leadership sumit.

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Seven Marks of a Good Sermon

Preaching speaks to the whole person, and to do that we need to engage the imaginations of our hearers.

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Peter Sethre: Bridging Academic and Congregational Life

Ask Peter Sethre about the importance of continuing education, and he replies by quoting Lutheran theologian Joseph Sittler: "It does no good to undertake our witness to Christ with a full heart and an empty head."

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Daniel Simundson: Connecting Students With the Old Testament

As professor of Old Testament, Daniel Simundson has spent the last three decades connecting students with the traditions of the Bible so they can better understand how God is at work in their lives and in the world.

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