Strategic Plan: A Bold and Faithful Witness

Part 2: Implementation

2.2 Strategies and Action Steps

Goal 2 Luther Seminary will attract and support people with the character, capacity, and commitment to further the seminary's mission.

We are only as good as our people.

Our human resources stand as our major asset and are critical to fulfilling our mission. Building on and continuing to nourish and support our strong and committed faculty, staff, and board, and in the hope of bearing witness to the gospel of God to all people, we will identify, attract, develop, and retain excellent colleagues who represent the diversity of gifts, Christian traditions, and cultural and ethnic backgrounds that will advance our mission. Similarly, building upon the strength of our student body, we will recruit, enroll, and educate a diverse and talented group of women and men to serve as capable, passionate, and dedicated evangelical leaders.

Our commitment to mission leads us to two commensurate commitments:

  1. We are committed to excellence. God calls us to offer the best of our intellect, abilities, and passion to the proclamation of the gospel and service to the world in Christ's name. For this reason, we are committed to attracting, developing, and supporting the most capable people we can find as we seek to bear witness to God's ongoing work in the world. Through our compensation and scholarships, faculty and staff development, student recruitment, recognition of achievement, and the culture and ethos we promote, we commit to creating and sustaining an environment that will attract the finest faculty, staff, and students.
  2. We are committed to diversity in service to a common confession and mission. God calls us to witness to the gospel to all people and in all the world, and God calls our graduates to serve in communities that are increasingly ethnically and ecumenically diverse. For this reason, we are committed to attracting, developing, and supporting women and men from a variety of ecumenical, theological, and ethnic backgrounds who, sharing the mission we have described here, can help us prepare leaders for the Christian communities graduates will be called to serve.

Behind this commitment to diversity stands the recognition that to be a community of the crucified and risen Christ is to welcome all who come into our community as brothers and sisters for Christ's sake. This means moving beyond treating newcomers as guests or visitors to demonstrating a genuine hospitality that seeks to include the gifts, perspectives, and experiences all persons bring and a willingness to invite all to participate in and shape our shared community.

Historically, Luther Seminary has been strengthened by a diversity of theological viewpoints bound by a common confession of the triune God and of the crucified and risen Christ. More recently, we have made significant strides with regard to calling and developing women and persons from a broad ecumenical spectrum of Christ's church as our students, faculty, and staff, and we are committed to persisting in these efforts. We continue to strive to attract persons of diverse ethnic backgrounds to be full partners in the mission of this seminary, and we commit to intentional progress in this area through our recruitment strategies and by creating an environment that recognizes and welcomes the contributions all Christians can make to responding to God's call to bear witness to the gospel to all nations.

Long-Term Strategies toward Goal 2

  1. Develop and implement an aggressive recruitment plan leading to a diverse and talented student body of 1000 by 2011-2012 (2007-2008 and ongoing).
  2. Attract, retain, and develop an excellent faculty and staff whose education, experience and diversity strengthen our ability to prepare evangelical leaders in apostolic mission (2007-2010 and ongoing).
  3. Develop financial resources for scholarship assistance to students and for support for faculty and staff adequate to achieve strategies one and two (2007-2008 and ongoing).
  4. Identify and communicate a truthful, powerful and compelling public identity for Luther Seminary that enhances the seminary's ability to attract and support the students, faculty, staff, and friends it needs in order to fulfill its mission (2007-2008 and ongoing).

2007-2008 Action Steps for Goal 2

Timeframe Action Step Leaders
September 2007-June 2008 Strive to significantly increase the diversity of the faculty and staff by actively identifying, encouraging, and inviting into every search process qualified candidates representing the diverse communities and world to which our graduates are called and sent. Academic Dean, VP for Administration and Finance
September 2007-June 2008 Set meaningful, measurable, and challenging goals with regard to attracting faculty, staff, and students that represent the diverse world and communities to which are graduates are called and sent. Academic Dean, VP for Administration and Finance, Dean of Students
October 2007-April 2008 Manage the faculty development plan in conversation with the divisions, the Committee on Diversity, and the Educational Leadership Committee (ELC) in order to respond to enrollment targets and curricular strategies, paying special attention to issues of gender, ethnicity, ecumenical and theological breadth, as well as resources required to implement the plan. Academic Dean
September 2007-June 2008 Ensure that every faculty and staff search process lifts up the school's mission, identity, and values. Academic Dean, VP for Administration and Finance
October-November 2007 Authorize a team to manage the enrollment matrix paying particular attention to the synergy of enrollment, tuition, and scholarships. Dean of Students
November-December 2007 Set recruitment targets for 2008-2009 in light of the 2010-2011 targets paying special attention to quality of students, strength of the M.Div. class, underrepresented groups, and ecumenical students. Director of Admissions, Dean of Students
November-December 2007 Identify the resources, existing and new (including scholarships as well as personnel and other necessary resources), that will support the achievement of the enrollment goals. Dean of Students, VP for Seminary Relations, VP for Finance and Administration
January 2007-May 2008 Build a comprehensive plan to promote the professional education and development of faculty and staff. Academic Dean, VP for Administration and Finance
February 2008 Authorize a team of faculty, staff, students, board members, donors, and alumni/ae to work with an outside consultant to identify and articulate a compelling public identity for Luther Seminary. President; VP for Seminary Relations
February-May 2008 Conduct a campaign feasibility study to determine potential philanthropic support for current and endowed scholarships as well as current and endowed support for faculty, staff, and programs and begin to develop a fundraising campaign that responds to the results of the feasibility study. VP for Seminary Relations
July-August 2008 Evaluate the effectiveness of the Western Mission Cluster Lilly grant vis-a-vis recruitment goals. Dean of Students

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