Strategic Plan: A Bold and Faithful Witness

Part 1: Vocation & Vision

1.3 Institution-Wide Goals

This sense of our mission, identity, and convictions leads us to adopt the following institution-wide goals. While they surely do not name everything we may undertake over the lifespan of this strategic plan, they nevertheless set a clear direction for the seminary and provide useful criteria by which to evaluate any and all opportunities and decisions:

Goal 1 Luther Seminary will produce graduates who will lead Christian communities in apostolic mission for the sake of God's world.
Goal 2 Luther Seminary will attract and support people with the character, capacity, and commitment to further the seminary's mission.
Goal 3 Luther Seminary's facilities will be transformed to support the teaching, learning, and community that take place on campus and around the world.
Goal 4 Luther Seminary will foster a culture that supports our common mission.
Goal 5 Luther Seminary will be a responsive learning organization supported by a culture of assessment and accountability.

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