Strategic Plan: A Bold and Faithful Witness

Part 2: Implementation

2.2 Strategies and Action Steps

The institution-wide goals we have named are ambitious, and we do not undertake them lightly. We recognize that the challenges facing us in accomplishing them will be significant and that missteps and failures are inevitable. But faith that the God who creates out of nothing and raises the dead to life is active even in such everyday affairs as seminary planning gives us the ability to face obstacles with confidence and hope. We are called to plant and to sow, breaking new ground or plowing long familiar fields as the Spirit leads, trusting always in God for a harvest.

We turn now to amplifying our understanding of these goals and identifying the long-term strategies and annual action steps we will employ to achieve them.

Goal 1 Luther Seminary will produce graduates who will lead Christian communities in apostolic mission for the sake of God's world.
Goal 2 Luther Seminary will attract and support people with the character, capacity, and commitment to further the seminary's mission.
Goal 3 Luther Seminary's facilities will be transformed to support the teaching, learning, and community that take place on campus and around the world.
Goal 4 Luther Seminary will foster a culture that supports our common mission.
Goal5 Luther Seminary will be a responsive learning organization supported by a culture of assessment and accountability

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