Additional Resources

In the next few pages you will find some resources that we think that you might find helpful for you as a student or a coach. We realize that there are many great financial tools out there, these are just meant to be a starting point. If you are looking for additional resources and you are not able to find what you are looking for in this list, please feel free to contact either LuGail Hamel or Glenn Taibl via email or via phone at (651) 641-3417. Similarly, please also contact us if you find a good resource that you think that we should add to our site.

There are three major resources that fit into almost all of the interest areas for the coaching relationship and/or financial well-being:

  • Frugal-community blog: A blog created by the Center for Stewardship Leaders that provides tips for living a fun and frugal life on a graduate student's budget. There is a new article every week covering a variety of topics from choosing charities to frugal meals to creating an emergency fund. Whether you are a coach or a student, we recommend that you follow this blog!
  • Money Sanity U: This is a bi-weekly email designed by Nathan Dungan, founder of Share Save Spend. Each email includes a short video and action step based on the topic for the week. As a part of the coaching program, both students and coaches receive this email. If you are a student who is not a part of the coaching program, but you would like to receive these emails please contact LuGail Hamel
  • Smart about Money: This is the site of the National Endowment for Financial Education, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to helping people make sound financial decisions throughout life’s ups and downs.  The site contains practical articles, worksheets, tips and valuable resources from across the web to help people understand and manage their money.

Additional Resource Topics:

Creating and Maintaining a Budget

Short or Long Term Investing

Thrifty Tips

Managing Credit Card Debt

Doing a Financial Check-up

Managing Student Loan Debt


Counseling and Mental Health Services