“Meeting with a financial coach has opened my eyes to a new perspective on money—faith-centered. My coach has challenged me to articulate my values and whether they are reflected in my spending, saving and benevolence. I feel our time together will help me be a better leader in the church.”
—M.Div. Student

Is Financial coaching for me?

Ask yourself ...

  • Do you worry about how to budget during seminary?
  • Are you concerned about student loan or credit card debt?
  • Do you want to improve how you handle money?
  • Do you want help creating a budget that you can maintain while at seminary or in a parish?
  • Do you want help aligning your financial life with your faith?
  • Do you want to learn more about church finances and/or stewardship?
  • Do you want tips for saving money and maintaining a low personal budget?
  • Are you concerned about what your finances will look like after seminary?
  • Do you want help planning for the future through saving and investing?
  • Are you too worried about money?
  • Do you feel like you are not worried enough about money?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then financial coaching may be helpful for you!

A financial coach can help you establish healthy financial practices, create a practical budget and keep you accountable. He/she can aid you in making good decisions about your debt and preparing for the future. He/she can teach you about church finances, budgeting and stewardship.

He/she will frame financial conversations within the context of faithful stewardship allowing you to grow in your relationship with God as well as your relationship with money. Together you will trust in God's abundance as you find joy in making progress in your financial life.