“The learning is two way ... one thing that has been good for me ... is to be reminded that all of us can change in our financial habits, including me." -Financial Coach


Financial coaches are active, committed Christians. Their vocational backgrounds range from the finance and business worlds to serving in various congregational roles. While varied in their vocations, they hold in common a belief that faith and finances are integrally connected. They believe that personal financial management is an integral expression of faithful stewardship. They are all experienced financial managers and generously give to the mission of the church.

Financial coaches believe that students have the capacity to think through their own financial decisions and discover their own creative solutions. They are good listeners who ask insightful questions to help students clarify their issues and make healthy financial decisions.

Financial coaches care about the well being of seminary students and promise to keep all conversations confidential. They are not paid. They will not try to sell students any products or services. They are not part of any candidacy process.