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Create your program portfolio in Chalk & Wire - Fall 2015

How to submit your Fall 2015 portfolio in Chalk & Wire  (note: your table of contents (or "template") will be available to you on September 1st.

Subscribe to course announcements

Learn how to subscribe to announcements posted in your course.

New to MyLutherNet?

Mac VPN Install Instructions

Here are instructions for setting up the Luther VPN system on a Mac.

Adding a photo to a forum post

How to add images to a discussion board post.


Printer Locations

All MFP devices support printing, copying, and scanning to folder and E-Mail.  Certain LaserJet devices will have limited access for specific departments

Accessing a Google Hangout via a Link

Some courses may utilize a direct link to access a Google hangout.  This article provides information for accessing the link.

How to Retake a Quiz

Some quizzes allow for a retake.
To retake a quiz, follow these instructions.

Tech Talk Archives

Accessing E-reserves that are Google docs

Some e-reserves may be posted in your course as Google docs and require that you sign in with your Luther Seminary email account.

Directions can be found