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Posting a Syllabus - Faculty

Click to download a .pdf of the help file (previous design)

  1. Log into MLN and click the Academics tab, Courses link.
  2. Select Current Courses (or Future Courses, depending on the current term) from the drop down menu in All My Courses.
  3. Click the hyperlink for the desired course.

    All my courses

    The course screen appears.

  4. Click Syllabus from the left-hand menu to access the Syllabus Page.
  5. Click Manage to reveal the drop down menu. Select Add a Handout.

    Add a handout

    On the next screen,

  6. Click Choose File. A pop-up window will appear. Navigate to the folder where the syllabus is located.
  7. Click the syllabus name  (.pdf version preferred).
  8. Click Open.

    Upload syllabus

    On the next screen,

  9. Enter the display name of the Syllabus. The description text is optional.
  10. Click Save.

Syllabus display name

You will return to the syllabus page. A link to the syllabus is now available.

Syllabus link

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