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Campus Phone System

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Voicemail Setup:

  • On Campus: Dial 778  (Off-campus, dial 651-523-1778)
  • After the “mailbox” prompt, enter the last 3 digits of your extension
  • Enter your temporary password

Voice mail menu tree:

0 Mailbox options

    • 1 Record your unavailable message (you are prompted to record, then press # after recording)
    • 2 Record your busy message (you are prompted to record, then press # after recording)
    • 3 Record your name (you are prompted to record, then press # after recording)
    • 4 Record your temporary message  (you are prompted to record, then press # after recording)
      • 1 Accept your temporary message (you will know it worked because you will hear the message, “There is a temporary greeting which overrides your standard greeting”)
      • 2 Erase your temporary message
    • 5 Change your password
    • * Return to the main menu

After recording a message (incoming message, busy/unavail greeting, or name)

1 - Accept

2 - Review

3 - Re-record

0 - Reach operator(1) (not available when recording greetings/name)

Making calls:
Dial 9 for an outside line; always dial the 10-digit number.
Long Distance: Do not dial a 1 in front of the area code for any number.


 Immediate transfer or just hit the transfer button

778 or 651-523-1778
Voicemail access

 Attended transfer (puts caller on hold, you dial new party, tell them about caller, you hang up and the other two are connected)

Call forwarding


Do not disturb –straight to v/m (toggle on/off)

A: CANCEL Key- Cancel actions/inputs

B: Turns the casing speaker on/off

C: Adjust volume

D: ENTER Key-Confirm actions, selections, inputs

E: LED lit for missed call (if not using voice to email function)

F: Line 1 & 2. To put a caller on hold, whichever line (L1 or L2) is lit. To take caller off hold, push the button again

G: Redial number

H: Transfer a call
While on a call, press Transfer, then dial the extension. This is an immediate transfer and the call will ring on the other extension and disconnect you from the call.

I: Mute your call

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