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Password Help

A username and password is required to access restricted areas on the Luther Seminary website and to access Luther Seminary email. Official correspondence from the seminary is sent to Luther email accounts. New students are sent a username and an initial password by regular mail which should be changed upon receipt, using the instructions below.


  • Your Luther Seminary password expires 270 days from the last time it was changed. Please set a reminder in your calendar to change your password before it expires.
  • An automatic notification is sent to your Luther email account starting 30 days before your password expires.
  • Users cannot use an expired password to create a new working password.


  • Go to
    (You can always change your password from the Intranet home page, left column near the bottom,"change password" link.)
  • Enter your username and current password 
    (Your username does not include
  • Enter a new password twice
    (It must contain upper and lowercase letters and at least one number or symbol. It must be at least 8 characters long.)
  • Click the Change Password button

A message will tell you if your password change was successful. If so, you may use it to login after waiting a few minutes. If not, a reason will be given and you may try again. Note that your password is case sensitive, meaning it may also use both upper and lower case letters.


We now have a self service method for you (students and alum only) to recover your password. You can set up an alternate email address connected to your account. If you forget your password you can request a reset link sent to your alternate email address.

Keep in mind you can only use the reset link if you have an alternate email address registered. 


If you have tried the above steps and they don't work,

  • Please call helpdesk at (651) 641-3462
  • Or send an email from a working email account to requesting that your password be reset.
  • Helpdesk personnel will need to know your name and your student ID number to reset your password.



Browse directly to: and click on the large, red "log in now" button found in the middle of the screen.  (note: If there are any problems logging in with the large red button, use the small gray button in the upper right hand corner to log in).

  Log in step 1


On the next screen,

Enter your Luther Seminary user name and password and click the gray log in button.

Log in step 2


You will then land on the "news" page. (Click image below to view larger size)

News page



Find the MyLutherNet link under the Quick Links section on Luther Seminary's main site. This link will take you to the same screen as option 1 above. You can then log in with your username and password by clicking the Log in now button.

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