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Tech Talk: Backward Design for Congregational Teaching & Learning

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Listen to the recording from the March 18, 2011 Tech Talk on Backward Design for Congregational Teaching & Learning.

During the talk we reference the requirements for Climbing Merit Badge, from the Boy Scouts of America.

The following pieces were on a handout.

Backward Design Questions

These questions provide an outline of the backward design process, and are helpful in creating learning centered course designs.

  1. By the end of the course, what should the students know, understand, and be

Tech Talk: PowerPoint

Listen to Audio

Watch the recording of the March 3, 2011 Tech Talk on creating PowerPoint presentations.


Tech Talk: Searching Databases

Watch the recording of the Tech Talk on searching library databases from Feb. 17, 2011.

Accessing files in Basecamp

This video tutorial demonstrates how to access files uploaded to a project space in basecamp, Luther Seminary's web-based project planning software.

Creating a Course Introduction

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Last spring, Kyle Fever came to us in LDT with an interesting request; he wanted to create a trailer for his upcoming online Romans course which would help build some excitement and interest for the course by introducing the main themes and big questions they would be exploring together. This video made available while registration was open so students could see what the course would be about before committing. Kyle does a great job of outlining the big ideas of the course and frames them in ways

Tech Talk: Ministry and Facebook

Watch the recording of our Nov. 4, 2010 Tech Talk, where Pastor Marc Ostlie-Olson talked about ministry and facebook.

Tech Talk: Creating Visitor Friendly Church Websites

View the recording of our October 28, 2010 Tech Talk on creating visitor friendly church websites using Word Press.

Tech Talks Return Sept. 9

We are excited to announce the return of Tech Talks. Hosted by Learning Design & Technology and the Library, these succinct, twenty-minute talks will touch briefly on some new, exciting, curious or interesting aspect of technology and how it can help you in your learning, teaching, and ministry. A brief presentation on how to use the technology will be followed by a roundtable discussion to answer questions and generate ideas for using the technology. All students, faculty, and staff

Tech Talk: Writing for Social Media

Here is the recording of the Tech Talk on writing for social media.

During the presentation I mentioned several popular social media tools. Here's a list of them if you are interested in finding out more.

Also, during the presentation I reference Gary Vaynerchuk as an excellent example of creating passionate web content. Here's a link to that episode.

Tech Talk: Google Calendar Tips and Tricks

Here's the recording from the Tech Talk on 4/22/2010 on using Google Calendar.