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Tech Talk - Find & Reading Helpful Blogs

Here is our Tech Talk from May 6, 2010. In it, I talk about why you might want to read blogs, how to find some interesting blogs and, finally, how to keep track of all the blogs you want to read by using an RSS reader.

Tech Talk - Finding Images on the Web

Sorry for the delay in posting this Tech Talk (the recording got misplaced). Jennie Bartholomew takes us through issues surrounding digital images: finding images, copyright issues, and helpful resources.

Tech Talk - Editing Video for the Web

Here's the Tech Talk from April 29, 2010. In it I talk about some basic concepts for video editing, show a rough process, and talk a little bit about how to export videos based on how you might want to use them.

Tech Talk - Working In, or Taking, an Online Course

Luther Seminary offers quite a few online courses, and even more if one counts residential courses that have an online component. But many students are nervous about online learning for one reason or another.

In this Tech Talk, I discuss some common myths about online learning and explore what a typical online course at Luther Seminary consists of.

Tech Talk: Student Network Access Portal

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Here is the video of our most recent Tech Talk. The Student Network Access Portal (SNAP) allows students to transfer files from their home computer to and from their campus HomeDrive. See how below:

Tech Talk - Google Docs

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View the recording of the Sept, 22, 2009 Tech Talk on using Google Docs.

Luther Seminary's Google Mail

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This week's Tech Talk was Google Mail: conceptual shifts, tips and tricks for using Luther's E-mail service, etc.

Tech Talks - Google Apps

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View the recording of the Tech Talk from august 7, 2009 on using Google Apps.

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