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Tech Talk: Video Pre-production and Production

This week's Tech Talk looked at video pre-production and production. The recording is above.

The Resources mentioned in the talk are:

Video Sample Links

Tech Talk: Creating Content for Congregational Newsletters

This week's Tech Talk began a two part series on newsletters. This talk discusses ways to create content.

Tech Talk: Creating and Sharing Video

This week's Tech Talk discusses ways to create and share video cheaply and easily. It also includes a brief discussion about ways to create meaningful stories with your videos.

Tech Talk: Mobile Lightning Round

This week's Tech Talk looks at ways you can use mobile devices with Luther Seminary resources - including a preview of the newly released mobile version of MyLutherNet.

Tech Talk: Digital Storytelling

Mary Hess joined us for this week's Tech Talk and discussed Digital Storytelling.

Tech Talk: New and Improved Thesis Templates

This week's Tech Talk looks at the improvements that have been made to the thesis templates.

Tech Talk: Technology Tools

The Fall 2011 Tech Talks kicked off with an overview of various technology tools available to the Luther Seminary community. We included a handout of the tools we discussed.

Tech Talk: Boundaries and Social Media

Watch Video
Chris Scharen discusses the issues surrounding social media and boundaries. At the end of the talk he references a paper, which can be found here.

What's New in Firefox

The latest version of Firefox has a number of visual changes. This short tutorial gives a brief overview and highlights what those changes are.

Tech Talk: Lightning Round

In this April 14 Tech Talk, we talk about various technologies and tools - lightning-round style.