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Tech Talk - Concept Mapping

When you are faced with a challenge how do you do your best thinking? Are you logical and analytical, or more abstract and random? Are you a Right Brain Thinker (intuitive, synthesizing, subjective, random, holistic)? Or a Left Brain Thinker (logical, sequential, rational, analytical, objective)?

Do you consciously try to balance your approach to a problem or question? Concept Mapping (also known as Mind Mapping) is a tool that helps you think through complex problems, summarize

Tech Talks

Tech-Talks-computerThis week, in conjunction with the Library, we are excited to begin new, bi-weekly Tech Talks. These thirty-minute talks will cover some new or exciting aspect of technology and will be offered Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons, every other week.

We'll spend the first few minutes of each talk providing a very high-level overview of the technology and then open it up for discussion to generate ideas about creative and useful ways to use the technology.

Having people from all sides of the