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Tech Talks

Tech Talks
Tech Talks are brief presentations on how technology and ministry intersect.

Tech Talk: Creating and Sharing Video

This week's Tech Talk discusses ways to create and share video cheaply and easily. It also includes a brief discussion about ways to create meaningful stories with your videos.

Tech Talk: Mobile Lightning Round

This week's Tech Talk looks at ways you can use mobile devices with Luther Seminary resources - including a preview of the newly released mobile version of MyLutherNet.

Tech Talk: Digital Storytelling

Mary Hess joined us for this week's Tech Talk and discussed Digital Storytelling.

Tech Talk: New and Improved Thesis Templates

This week's Tech Talk looks at the improvements that have been made to the thesis templates.

Tech Talk: Technology Tools

The Fall 2011 Tech Talks kicked off with an overview of various technology tools available to the Luther Seminary community. We included a handout of the tools we discussed.

Tech Talk: Engaging Popular Film in Christian Education

Listen to Audio

Listen to the recording of the Tech Talk from May 5, 2011 on engaging film in Christian education. Unfortunately, we had some difficulty with the recording during the film clips, and have edited those parts out of the recording.

Tech Talk: Boundaries and Social Media

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Chris Scharen discusses the issues surrounding social media and boundaries. At the end of the talk he references a paper, which can be found here.

Tech Talk: Lightning Round

In this April 14 Tech Talk, we talk about various technologies and tools - lightning-round style.

Tech Talk: Getting More from your Mobile

Watch the recording of the April 7, 2011 Tech Talk on Mobile technologies.

Tech Talk: Creating Content for Your Web Site

Watch the recording of the March 24 Tech Talk about content strategy for your web site.

The two books that are mentioned are Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halverson and Elements of Content Strategy by Erin Kissane.