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Tech Talks

Tech Talks
Tech Talks are brief presentations on how technology and ministry intersect.

Tech Talk - Finding Images on the Web

Sorry for the delay in posting this Tech Talk (the recording got misplaced). Jennie Bartholomew takes us through issues surrounding digital images: finding images, copyright issues, and helpful resources.

Tech Talk - Editing Video for the Web

Here's the Tech Talk from April 29, 2010. In it I talk about some basic concepts for video editing, show a rough process, and talk a little bit about how to export videos based on how you might want to use them.

Tech Talk: Google Calendar Tips and Tricks

Here's the recording from the Tech Talk on 4/22/2010 on using Google Calendar.

Tech Talk: Managing Your Email

Here's the latest Tech Talk on managing your email. It explores the ideas of Inbox 0 a method for keeping your inbox empty and also looks at some of the available tools in Google Email.

The Inbox 0 portions of the Tech Talk were inspired by Merlin Mann's work on the subject. You can see him present to Google staffers on his inbox 0 ideas here.

Merlin Mann on Inbox 0

Tech Talk - Working from Home

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Here's the latest Tech Talk - Working from Home. It demonstrates free tools and resources that staff, faculty and students can use when working from home.

Tech Talk: Creating Engaging PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations

Join us for today's Tech Talk on PowerPoint and Keynote presentations either live or by webinar.

We've gathered a short bibliography of great presentation resources. Download Presentation_Resources.

Recording Update: Unfortunately we had a sound recording error this week and have no video to post. Sorry about the mix-up. Feel free to watch some of our previous Tech Talks on PowerPoint which cover very similar ideas.

Tech Talk on PowerPoint - July 2009

Using PowerPoint well - April 2009

Tech Talk: Free Collaboration Tools

You can view the archived recording of our Tech Talk on the free collaboration tools available for Luther students. If you would like to see the example Reading The Audiences small group Google Site, you can see that here:

Tech Talk - Concept Mapping

When you are faced with a challenge how do you do your best thinking? Are you logical and analytical, or more abstract and random? Are you a Right Brain Thinker (intuitive, synthesizing, subjective, random, holistic)? Or a Left Brain Thinker (logical, sequential, rational, analytical, objective)?

Do you consciously try to balance your approach to a problem or question? Concept Mapping (also known as Mind Mapping) is a tool that helps you think through complex problems, summarize

Tech Talk - Working In, or Taking, an Online Course

Luther Seminary offers quite a few online courses, and even more if one counts residential courses that have an online component. But many students are nervous about online learning for one reason or another.

In this Tech Talk, I discuss some common myths about online learning and explore what a typical online course at Luther Seminary consists of.

Tech Talks - MyLutherNet: Registration and Records

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Here's the latest Tech Talk. The topic this week: MyLutherNet: Registration and Student Records. Links mentioned in the talk: