Vibrant Congregations Project

News about the health of mainline denominations seems bleak. Attendance is down, the average age of worshippers is up and money is in short supply.

This does not accurately reflect the whole story, though. There are numerous signs that genuine renewal and transformation has begun. For many churches around the United States, being a vibrant congregation is a reality, not an ideal.

Luther Seminary has received a generous grant from the Lilly Foundation to partner with some such congregations in order to study and understand how they became vibrant in the first place. In 2011-2012, the partner congregations will complete projects that help them get at the root of their vibrancy. They will also reflect on their process along the way.

Why should you care? We are in this together. Luther Seminary hopes to walk alongside vibrant and thriving congregations, learning from one another, sharing resources and together imagining new possibilities.

Six Focus AReas

The Vibrant Congregations Project identifies six critical dimensions that make up vibrant congregational life and culture.

It is in focusing on and developing these six dimensions that Luther Seminary hopes to discover and share what brings greater vibrancy to congregations.

While only a few dozen congregations are directly involved in the grant project, through this site your congregation will be able to learn and contribute insights into critical areas of ministry.

Thank you for being part of this new venture. May you find the listening, learning and experimentation in the conversations to be a source of encouragement and renewal.