Biblical Fluency Project

Profile: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Northbrook, Ill.

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church is located in Northbrook, Ill. It's one of 11 congregations participating in the Biblical Fluency Project within Luther Seminary's Vibrant Congregations Project grant.

According to the congregation's profile, Gloria Dei is actively engaged in serving the community with strong partnerships with the local food bank, youth service organizations and other community groups

Here's an excerpt from their profile:

    D. Discoveries from Listening Process

    Discovery #1: People at Gloria Dei exhibit a healthy skepticism and curiosity about the Bible. This matters because it creates a great entry point into an engagement of scripture, and pushes everyone as hearers and learners.

    Discovery #2: Many who thought they could not make time in their lives for Bible Study, discovered that they ended up missing it in those times when the groups were taking a break and not meeting. It felt good, when groups reformed, to be back in the discipline and the relationships of the group.

    Discovery #3: Adults are ready to move beyond their childhood understanding of the Bible.

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