Biblical Fluency Project

Profile: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Woodstock, Ga.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Woodstock, Ga., is one of 11 congregations participating in the Biblical Fluency Project within Luther Seminary's Vibrant Congregations Project grant.

According to the congregation's profile, Good Shepherd considers itself called, gathered, and blessed to be a community and instrument of grace for all sheep of the Good Shepherd.

Here's an excerpt from their profile:

    E. Opportunities for Growth

    Challenge #1: Grow Confidence among Members

    Our online surveys indicate that our congregation leans toward approaching Bible study with a “there is right way” to interpret Scripture mindset and that this is what they expect to hear in sermons and in Bible study.  The challenge for us is:  How do we better equip our congregation with knowledge of the story Scripture tells so that members are more comfortable in their own engagement and interpretation with it rather than a reliance on rostered leaders to tell them what it means.

    Challenge #2: Make the Bible a Priority

    Surveys indicate that many in the congregation struggle to make time for encountering Scripture due to their busy schedules. We are thus challenged to encourage members in this struggle and aid them in allowing Scripture to become a higher priority.

    Challenge #3: Engage Scripture in Worship

    Our online surveys indicate that worship is the primary place that our members encounter Scripture on a regular basis.  The challenge for us is: How do we better utilize time in worship to engage the congregation in Scripture?

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