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Zumbro Lutheran Church, Rochester, Minn

Zumbro Lutheran Church, Rochester, Minn., is one of eight congregations participating in the Biblical Preaching Project within Luther Seminary's Vibrant Congregations Project grant.

According to the congregation's profile, Zumbro's “code” – unnamed values that influence our actions and shape our reputation – include embracing tradition, expecting a certain level of excellence, and cultivating a strong sense of belonging.

Here's an excerpt from their profile:

    Discovery #1:  Text Message difference

    Reading the Text Message (a one-page devotional/reflection resource called the ZLC Text Message that includes a brief introduction to the text, the text itself, a 200-300 word reflection, and a couple of discussion questions) makes a tremendous difference in how prepared and engaged people feel when they come to worship.  We want our sermons to be faith-feeding, inspiring, challenging and practical. If they have done some reflecting on the text in advance, it helps them understand the Biblical story and context, and make connections with their daily lives.

Download Zumbro_profile.pdf

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