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Anjeanette Perkins

Tell Sacred Stories | Community

Tags: intergenerational, listening, neighbors, spiritual practices, storytelling, testimony

Testimony is often something unfamiliar or uncomfortable for members of mainline Christian traditions, even lifelong church-goers. But storytelling is powerful when it comes out of personal experience. Knowing and telling our own faith stories as a spiritual practice can connect us anew to the ancient stories of our faith and give us courage to share them.

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About Anjeanette Perkins

Rev. Anjeanette Perkins serves alongside First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Nevada, Iowa, and is affiliated with the online congregation DisciplesNet Church. A recent graduate of Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, ordination was one step in a journey following Jesus which included wildlife biology and serving as a Habitat for Humanity Executive Director. Following Jesus isn't building or maintaining institutions; it’s living transformed lives of wholeness and hope tog