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Roger S. Nam

Learn from Crisis and Rethink God’s Promises | Community

Tags: Bible, Bruno Mars, Chronicles, context, David, interpretation, music, YHWH 

In teaching introductory classes on the Hebrew Bible, I am always a bit discouraged at the lack of understanding on the book of Chronicles. Through the process of collecting and editing material from Samuel to Kings, Chronicles gives us a unique example of how an ancient Israelite community read and understood earlier narratives of their own history. Significantly, the compiling of Chronicles likely occurred during the post-exilic period (539-332 BC).

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About Roger S. Nam

Roger S. Nam (Ph.D., UCLA) is assistant professor of Biblical Studies at George Fox Evangelical Seminary. He is the author of Portrayals of Economic Exchange in the Book of Kings (2012) and he is currently writing a book on the economies of Judah during the Persian period. Before entering the academic field of biblical studies, he was a pastor at Choong Hyun Presbyterian Church in Seoul, Korea, (1994-1996) and a financial analyst at Maxim Integrated Products (1997-2000). Follow Roger on T