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Jodi Houge

Let the Most Vulnerable Set the Pace of Worship | Children, Youth, and Family

Tags: children, leadership, pace, worship

Let’s face it. Most of us do not plan worship with young people in mind. We tend to plan worship for those who can read, sing, walk and stand. We preach to those who are educated and have a fairly long attention span -- unless it’s the annual youth-led worship.

But, how might you respond if next Sunday, those who are six-years-old and under outnumbered the adults?

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About Jodi Houge

The Rev. Jodi Houge is led by Humble Walk Lutheran Church in Saint Paul, Minn. Humble Walk is on the cusp of their fourth birthday and gathers in bars, coffee shops, homes, alleys, parks and art galleries in St. Paul's West End neighborhood.