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Rolf Jacobson

Preach through the Biblical Narrative | Preaching

As a biblical scholar, I love to quote systematic theologian Robert W. Jenson’s dictum, “It is the whole mission of the church to speak the gospel ... to tell the biblical narrative to the world in proclamation and to God in worship, and to do so in a fashion appropriate to the content of that narrative.”1 To this, add the following conclusion from the famous Old Testament theologian Gerhard von Rad: “It would be fatal to our understanding of Israel’s witness if we were to arrange it from the outset on the basis of theological categories ... re-telling remains the most legitimate form of theological discourse on the Old Testament.”2

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About Rolf Jacobson

Rolf Jacobson is Associate Professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary. A noted speaker, author, and educator, his works include Crazy Talk: A Not-So-Stuffy Dictionary of Theological Terms (Augsburg Fortress, 2008), Crazy Book: A Not-So-Stuffy Dictionary of Biblical Terms (Augsburg Fortress, 2009) and Soundings in the Theology of the Psalms (Fortress, 2011), and two books on the psalms that will be released in 2013. His articles have appeared in Theology Today, Word and World, Interpretation,