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Alan Storey

Hang a Yellow Banner to Engage the Public | Service & Mission

The Central Methodist Mission (CMM) is an inner-city congregation in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa. Its towering gothic steeple shadows a very popular African curio market frequented by tourists and locals all year round. The headquarters of two daily newspapers stand diagonally opposite. Provisional Government Chambers are a city block away while the National Parliament is a five-minute walk from our front door to theirs. All this positions CMM in a very strategic public space. The question we asked ourselves: How can we use our position to best engage the public with the Gospel?

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About Alan Storey

Pastor Alan Storey serves Central Methodist Church in Cape Town, South Africa. He is known within and beyond South Africa for his engaging manner of teaching and his gift for inviting others to dive more deeply into their spiritual lives. A selection of his work, including sermons, is posted at