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Jeffrey Small

Contemplate God and Recognize the Creative Source | Discipleship & Spiritual Practices

How do we think of God?

Do we picture God as a supreme designer who built the intricate laws of nature as a watchmaker assembles a fine timepiece? Do we see God as a grand chess master who has an elaborate plan for the figures on his cosmic chessboard? Do we imagine the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, where the outstretched hand of Michelangelo’s God reaches toward Adam?

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About Jeffrey Small

Jeffrey Small is the author of the mystical suspense novel, The Breath of God and the academic text God as the Ground of Being: Tillich and Buddhism in Dialogue. A Huffington Post religion columnist and speaker on the topic of how we think about religion in a scientific, multi-faith world, Small is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law School and holds a Master’s in the Study of Religions from Oxford University. Visit for more information.