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Sarah Walker Cleaveland

Start Dreaming and Imagine Church Anew | Leadership

Tags: Bible study, dream, imagination, interpretation, retreat, spiritual practices, vision

I believe the church today is suffering from a failure of imagination. We have a long and distinguished history of being the church and this tradition has served us well. It allows us to function and helps us remain faithful to God’s call. But I wonder if we are too comfortable with this tradition and history. I wonder if we are resting too much on the foundations and structures provided by those who came before us.

This is an excerpt from an essay in Renew 52: 50+ Ideas to Revitalize Your Congregation from Leaders under 50. Download the e-book for free.

About Sarah Walker Cleaveland

Sarah Walker Cleaveland is a spiritual director and doctoral student studying Christian Spirituality at the Graduate Theological Union. She received her M.Div from Columbia Seminary and her Th.M. from Princeton Seminary. She is married to Adam Walker Cleaveland and she procrastinates doing her school work by caring for their baby boy, Caleb, and playing with their dog, Sadie. She currently lives in Ashland, Ore.