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Dan Bredberg

Deepen Your Discipleship Each Day of the Week | Discipleship & Spiritual Practices

Just about every church agrees that we should be helping people become devoted disciples of Jesus Christ, but most of us have little or no discipleship strategy in place. After some time of intentional prayer, reflection and research, our church decided to focus on two discipleship tools: men’s and women’s discipleship groups (groups of 2-4 people that meet weekly for prayer, Bible study, and accountability), and a weekly discipleship plan. Our discipleship groups are based on the Life Transformation Groups (LTG) model created by Neil Cole.

This is an excerpt from an essay in Renew 52: 50+ Ideas to Revitalize Your Congregation from Leaders under 50. Download the e-book for free.

About Dan Bredberg

Dan Bredberg is pastor of mission and discipleship at Zion Lutheran Church in Waterville, Ohio.