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Adam J. Copeland

Make Space for Questions | Community

Tags: Anselm, curiosity, faith, post-confirmation, questions, young adults

A significant part of my job consists of taking young adults to lunch, to cafés, or perhaps to enjoy a happy-hour special at the bar. Usually these 20/30-somethings are not members of a particular faith community, so I listen very carefully to what they say about their values, faith, and views of the church. Nearly all the young adults I meet tell me they wish they had a place to consider the questions they have about faith and life.

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About Adam J. Copeland

Adam J. Copeland, is Faculty Director for Faith and Leadership at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn. A minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA), Adam’s writing has appeared in The Christian Century, Journal for Preachers, The Huffington Post, and in several books. He authors the popular blog A Wee Blether ( and tweets @ajc123.