Vibrant Stewardship Project

Trinity Lutheran Church Recent Activities

The Trinity Vibrant Stewardship project goal is to help reveal & grow our spiritual capacity so that we will be more aware of our choices regarding money & possessions, expanding our desire & capacity to follow Jesus with our whole lives.  

Our key principles:

We are working toward long-term transformational approaches & solutions

We believe gratitude & generosity are the foundation for an inspired lifestyle

We are committed to ensuring a scriptural & theological basis

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Path of Engagement - St. Alban's, Austin Texas

January, 2012

Pathway: Owning our Story

It was not a huge surprise that a number of members of our congregation expressed a sense of inadequacy about their knowledge of the Bible when we took the online survey. It was also not much of a surprise when they said that very few of them used a Bible story as an interpretive tool when making decisions about their finances.

Our goal this fall has been to increase biblical fluency in the parish. One way we are doing this is that we are preaching the Narrative

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Test message

At the risk of being a pest, we have had some confusion about whether people are receiving an e-mail when there is a new blog post.  This is a test, to see if the system is working.


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Fearless Feasts at Light of the World

This month's post comes from Light of the World in Farmington.  Thanks to Grace and Deb for their work on this.

Paths of Engagement Update – December 2011

Light of the World, Farmington, MN


Fearless Feasts: Living Without Fear About Money

In September 2011 we hosted “Fearless Feasts.” During these feasts, a group of eight people gathered at a lay leader’s home for a simple meal. During the meal, there was some time for chitchat, and then the conversation about

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Path of Engagement - Augustana, West St. Paul

Paths of Engagement Update – November 2011

Augustana Lutheran Church, West St. Paul MN


Pathway -Having a Healthy Relationship with Money

One aspect of our strategy was to offer Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. We scheduled the class to begin on September 11 so as to be finished before Christmas. We were hoping for 5 families to participate. We had 19 families sign up! The make-up of the class is intriguing.  It is families from all age groups and socio-economic

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