Vibrant Stewardship Project

Trinity Lutheran Church Recent Activities

The Trinity Vibrant Stewardship project goal is to help reveal & grow our spiritual capacity so that we will be more aware of our choices regarding money & possessions, expanding our desire & capacity to follow Jesus with our whole lives. 

Our key principles:

We are working toward long-term transformational approaches & solutions

We believe gratitude & generosity are the foundation for an inspired lifestyle

We are committed to ensuring a scriptural & theological basis for our projects

This post will highlight two recent initiatives.

How Much is Enough?

On January 25th, Trinity’s Children’s ministry hosted a parent event featuring Dr. Bredehoft on the topic of overindulgence.  Over 200 parents and children attended this thought-provoking discussion of how our consumer-oriented society traps us into seeking fulfillment through materiality.  Following the event, we heard stories of how the discussion changed thought patterns and behaviors.  For example: teens choosing to repair or patch items rather than replacing them; families developing chore charts to more effectively distribute the domestic workload.   

Overall, this event initiated a dialogue within families about their definition of “enough” and the use of their resources. 

Inspired by Gratitude

We believe developing and nourishing gratitude is the foundation for living a generous and spiritual life.  Our team developed a learning series—Inspired by Gratitude—comprised of seven facilitated sessions over 21 weeks.  In each session, we share learnings and experiences since the last meeting, review scripture (with specific focus on the 23rd Psalm) and explore a spiritual practice to deepen gratitude and generosity. 

Our belief that many have a desire to grow in the practice of gratitude was confirmed by over 14 students in our inaugural series. We believe growing in the grace of giving will naturally result from nurturing gratitude.

With gratitude,  Trinity’s Vibrant Stewardship Team

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