Vibrant Stewardship Project

Profile: Light of the World Lutheran, Farmington, Minn.

Light of the World is a new ELCA congregation in suburban St. Paul, Minn. It's one of nine congregations participating in the Vibrant Stewardship Project.

According to the congregation's profile, "We have drawn in the young and the poor and those who haven't been part of church before. That means that our church has a few people who are familiar with giving money away, but not many. Yet, we are seeking to become a community that is generous, fearless and joyful with the money that God sends our way."

Here's an excerpt from their profile:

Opportunity for Growth/Path of Engagement

Challenge #1:
We want to be able to live without fear about money. This is an adaptive challenge. Therefore, in September 2011, we're hosting "Fearless Feasts." People will host dinners at their home for 8 people. During dinner, we'll tell our money stories to one other person and by telling those stories, discover where we get our ideas about money and the implications of those ideas. We'll talk about how faith and money connect (or don't) and then make a declaration about a value they discovered or a new way they want to live. We will collect the declarations and celebrate them in worship and then make a congregation-wide declaration.

We're pursuing this approach because in telling our stories, we can become more mindful of our values and attitudes and behaviors. In becoming more mindful, we can begin to see the implications of our ideas and make any changes so that the way we think about and use our money matches up with our values.

We'll know if this is leading us in the right direction if there is less fear and guilt in our talking about and use of money. We'll measure its fruitfulness in increased joy and generosity.

Download the full profile.

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