Vibrant Stewardship Project

Profile: Peace Lutheran Church, Tacoma, Wash.

Peace Lutheran is an ELCA congregation in the Hilltop community of Tacoma, Wash. It's one of nine congregations participating in the Vibrant Stewardship Project.

According to the congregation's profile, "Peace has been a vital part of this community for over 100 years with a long history of generous and faithful service to the community in which we are planted."

Here's an excerpt from their profile:

Paths of Engagement

Path #2: Getting in Where You Fit In

"Getting in where you fit in" is our second path.  Our goal is to broaden the spectrum of members to actively engage in the ministries of the congregation.  We plan to use a matrix spreadsheet that will help identify current levels of participation of individuals of the congregation, children and youth included.  We will challenge ministry leaders to identify 2-3 ministry points of entry in order to offer the congregation more specific opportunities for service.  With information gathered from the Ministry Fair and Joy of Serving Commitments, we will look for ways to invite those less involved to ‘get in where they fit in’.  This will likely involve one on one conversation and invitation over time as relationships are built.

We know that commitment increases when people get involved in ways that have meaning for them and they see that their gifts are valued and needed.  We need to empower and encourage the use of all God’s gifted people.

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