Vibrant Stewardship Project

Profile: Ascension Evangelical Lutheran, Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Ascension Evangelical Lutheran is an ELCA congregation in Thousand Oaks, Calif. It's one of nine congregations participating in the Vibrant Stewardship Project.

According to the congregation's profile, "We are located in the middle of Conejo Valley in Ventura County, just north of Los Angeles, with the blessing of California Lutheran University a few miles away."

Here's an excerpt from their profile:

Discoveries from Listening Process

Discovery #1

  • What: According to our survey, 40% of our congregation answered that they did not have any discussions of stewardship as a faith practice growing up in their households.
  • Why: This is important because we want stewardship to be freely discussed and understood by our members, young and old. This is a concept we want people to be familiar with at a young age.

Discovery #2

  • What: We need to expand our Joy of Giving Team
  • Why: To help spread duties and bring in new talents to assist with the planning of future stewardship projects.

Download the full profile.

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