Vibrant Stewardship Project

Path of Engagement - St. Alban's, Austin Texas

January, 2012

Pathway: Owning our Story

It was not a huge surprise that a number of members of our congregation expressed a sense of inadequacy about their knowledge of the Bible when we took the online survey. It was also not much of a surprise when they said that very few of them used a Bible story as an interpretive tool when making decisions about their finances.

Our goal this fall has been to increase biblical fluency in the parish. One way we are doing this is that we are preaching the Narrative

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Profile: St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Austin, Texas

St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas, is one of nine congregations participating in the Vibrant Stewardship Project.

St. Alban's is a "thriving, growing, diverse, and generous parish in spite of considerable limitations." The congregation hosts worship that is casual but reverent, it offers "extraordinary Christian formation opportunities for all ages," and the outreach accomplished by St. Alban's people is "nothing short of amazing."

Here's an excerpt from their profile .


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