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Profile: Our Savior Lutheran Church, Beldenville, Wis.

Our Savior's Lutheran Church is located in Beldenville, Wis. It's one of nine congregations participating in the Faith and Daily Life Project within Luther Seminary's Vibrant Congregations Project grant.

According to the congregation's profile, Our Savior's is "unique in that we are a thriving rural parish. People need to drive here, very, very few are in walking distance. Still we are growing and thriving. In many ways, we model the local parish concept. If people move to the neighborhood they become part of our congregation."

Here's an excerpt from their profile:


    C. Current Practices

    Current Practice #1: Narrative Lectionary

    We have begun participating in the narrative lectionary to foster biblical literacy. We call it the narrative lectionary because we are not creative enough to come up with a different name.  This began on Sept. 11, 2011. We do have several Bible studies happening here too. This has been happening for a long time, probably as long as the congregation has existed. WorkingPreacher.org is the resource for the narrative lectionary. Group Publishing and Gather, the new magazine from Women of the ELCA, are our usual Bible study resources.

    Current Practice #2: Blessing Vocation

    Our participation in the Vibrant Congregation Project will help us address the area of vocation. Periodically throughout the year we do bless various vocations, and those who participate in them. This has been done for the last few years. We also emphasize the call to ministry daily in our lives. The Vibrant project in itself is currently our biggest resource.

    Current Practice #3: Multi-generational Confirmation

    We have instituted a multi-generational confirmation program. We divide the Small Catechism up over a period of years beginning with fourth graders and their parents through the ninth grade. Each session just lasts a few weeks, and is finished before the doldrums of a normal confirmation program can set in. When a grade is not participating in a catechesis class, they are involved in a Bible study or in Sunday school. The involvement of the parents is allowing young members to examine their own faith and roles in sharing their faith in their homes and in their places of employment.

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