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Profile: Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit, Emmaus, Pa.

Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit is located in Emmaus, Pa. It's one of nine congregations participating in the Faith and Daily Life Project within Luther Seminary's Vibrant Congregations Project grant.

According to the congregation's profile, Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit is "a dynamic, energetic, generous, and loving Christian community dedicated to Christ-centered worship and faith-forming learning. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit to serve our community and the world by our ministry in daily life."

Here's an excerpt from their profile:

    D. Discoveries from the Listening Process

    Discovery #1: We haven’t communicated what we think we have – there seems to be a disconnect between our congregational slogan "Empowered for Ministry in Daily Life" and words used in this study such as "vocation" and "calling."

    Discovery #2: An apparent lack of importance of Scripture to many members.

    Discovery #3: There is a reticence among members to share their faith.

    Discovery #4: Because of the size of the congregation and number of services, there is a desire for more opportunity for fellowship to come to know one another better.

    Discovery #5: An increasing number of "senior" members, (including the founders) who struggle with naming "vocation," now that they are retired. Seem to equate "vocation" with "work/job."

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