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Profile: St. Paul Lutheran Church, Davenport, Iowa

St. Paul Lutheran Church is located in Davenport in the Quad Cities of eastern Iowa. It's one of nine congregations participating in the Faith and Daily Life Project within Luther Seminary's Vibrant Congregations Project grant.

According to the congregation's profile, this congregation of 3,300 members character is "shaped by core values for hospitality, worship, lifelong learning, adventurous mission, and generosity."

Here's an excerpt from their profile:

    C. Discoveries from Listening Process

    Gleaned from St. Paul surveys and interviews

    Discovery #1: Stories are powerful.

    Stories are powerful, relational, eagerly told and received. They grow our voice in making faith/life connections. Most of us reference and are shaped by stories from sources competing for our attention (such as TV, movies, or favorite authors) as we try to make sense of our daily lives. Biblical stories appear to be less relevant as references for daily life. We wonder about expanding trustworthy spaces for storytelling, growing our character as a storied community with a Great Story that calls us together. Sharing our life narratives, alongside the biblical narrative in accessible language, can grow our God-awareness and God-gratitude.

    Discovery #2: Relationships give meaning and purpose.

    Relationships give meaning and purpose to our lives. We give voice to encountering God in others (and hopefully in ourselves) – whether or not we have (or need or want) language with big words like “incarnational” faith to express it. The value we place on relationships can complement our explorations in vocation.

    Discovery #3: Serving is valued in church life.

    We value the opportunities presented by the congregation; we are grateful to be part of a mission-driven place (even if we can’t serve personally). We are less likely to consider daily life as an arena for serving (vocation, calling, faith connections). We know that mission and ministry will always be primary engagements in a large congregation. There’s also the matter of serving in the ordinary moments of daily life. This gives rise to a fresh path: Expanding our understanding of faith-filled mission identity, as both congregational serving and daily personal encounters.

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