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Students at commencement

In-residence program

Artist in residence

A renewable scholarship will be offered to a student who is an artist of proven ability and breadth, and possesses an openness to working with several key constituencies at Luther Seminary. More than one scholarship may be offered at a time. Artists in Residence will work principally in one of the visual arts (painting, drawing, photography, etc.) but will not be limited to working only in these media.

  • Recipients must be resident, full-time students.
  • Scholarships will be granted for a maximum of 16 courses (M.A.) or 30 courses (M.Div.), not including internship year.
  • Up to a full-tuition scholarship is available.
  • The recipient will receive financial support for art supplies and materials, along with studio space.

If you have questions specific to the Artist-in-Residence Scholarship, please contact Admissions at