M.A. Concentration in Congregational Mission and Leadership

Luther Seminary is committed to educating leaders for Christian communities.  The M.A. in congregational mission and leadership (CML) is an integral part of that mission.  These themes characterize the CML program:

  • Context matters - theological education must take context seriously
  • Mission is central - theological education must be embedded in the mission of the Triune God to all of creation
  • Christian communities are the focus - theological education must focus on the life and ministry of Christian communities serving in particular contexts
  • Leadership is essential - theological education should result in the preparation of persons who are capable of providing leadership for Christian communities

Sample Concentration Courses

(Note: The courses below may not all be required.  In some cases, students select one or more courses from a longer list as a means of fulfilling a requirement.) See the online catalog for more details.

CL0515  Church Organization and Leadership (Half course)

This course focuses on church organization, polity, and missional leadership.  It explores theological and theoretical definitions of leadership, cultivating congregational identity and vision, gifts discernment in the body of Christ, leading teams, overseeing finances and facilities, leading change, addressing conflict, and creating a culture of leadership multiplication.  Students engage in self-reflection on their own gifts and ongoing leadership development.

CL0535  God's Mission: Biblical and Theological Explorations (Full course)
This course examines biblical, theological and theoretical frameworks for congregational mission and leadership.  Students explore the Bible's rich witness to God's mission from Genesis to Revelation.  They critically engage major paradigms in Christian mission over history and across traditions with an eye toward developing their own capacity to lead Christian communities in mission. 

LD0510  Christian Public Leadership and Ministry (Full course)
This course introduces students to a variety of understandings of church, the nature of Christian Public Ledadership and ministry concentrations within the Leadership program.  Students will reflect on and cultivate their own ecclesiology based on their core theological commitments and ministry concentration, be introduced to a missiological understanding of the church's identity, and be challenged to examine leadership theologically and theoretically. 

For a complete list of courses and more thorough curriculum and concentration detail, see the online catalog.